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A real-time single-number wellness indicator based on a patient’s vital signs and simple assessments questions.


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It starts with 6 common vital signs and 14 easy assessment questions.

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A wellness indicator is generated on a scale of 0 to 100

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What is the Rothman Index?

The Rothman Index is a single score that is calculated by common observations plotted over time, creating an easily understood picture of the patient’s condition so caregivers can spend less time parsing data and more time treating patients. 

... and its purpose

Our goal in creating the Rothman Index is to provide a universal metric for patient assessment packaged as an integrated patient care tool. Our technology allows for greater continuity of care, increased quality of care, and reduced costs while saving lives.

Benefits of the Rothman Index

Easy To Use

Better Continuity of Care

Improved Experience

Uniqueness of Individuals

Early Detection of Decline

Leads to Better Patient Outcomes

Increased Engagement

Easily Share with Care Team

Alive Sciences Partners

Cooey Health

Their unique framework is helping healthcare providers to positively predict hospital readmissions in post-acute care settings while proving invaluable for all stakeholders.

Empowering all aspects of the healthcare community with their modular and robust platform.


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